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Naxos Greece is the biggest and largest island of the Cyclades Greece, in the Aegean
It is the nuptial isle of the god Dionysus and has the highest mountain of the group,
Mount Zas. The island was for many centuries under the rule of the Venetians and
Marko Sanudo.
Naxos Greek Island is characterized by its venetian town, its many picturesque and
wonderful mountainous villages, the fertile valleys, the long golden sandy beaches of
the group and the crystalline turquoise waters, the marble gate called Portara and the
This section of Greece, Naxos Island proposes much information for holidays and
also hotels and accommodations.
All these in combination with a unique place of stayment makes it a perfect choice
destination for this summertime holidays!!
The owners  of "Villa Danai" are waiting for you…

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